I discovered Instagram. Yes, I knew about it but didn’t want to add another site to while away the hours but after seeing my millennial sibling on there I decided to acquiesce. I’m glad I did. So much inspiration for a creative person. Also, got to love a filter or 2 when you can’t manage to grab a picture in focus and/or under nice lighting conditions.

I will post the dozen or so bits of sewing I’ve done since my last posts.


I just harvested the last of my corn and pulled out my silverbeet. I probably could have kept the silverbeet growing longer but some type of disease was starting to spread across the leaves. I can never tell what is safe to eat and what isn’t when disease and pests come my way.

The corn is rock hard so I’ve decided to keep some of the kernels to plant out again next year and make pop corn with the rest.

Christmas is Coming

This morning I knocked out a Christmas sock. The top part has a button hole and button but I didnt cut the button hole open so you can’t see it at the moment. I think it turned out quite well.

I love getting out my nativity scene which my good friends got me.

What’s wrong with this picture? According to my husband, nothing.

Creative and Productive Day

Today I worked on getting 24 cups of mousse ready for the work Christmas lunch. I volunteered to do this so that I can show off my cooking skills.

I also worked on this years Christmas cards – the best yet if I don’t say so myself.

Bailey seems to be in the spirit of Christmas. Good boy!


If you get a chance when in the city, pop in to the QVB to view the massive Christmas tree running up the centre of the building. Also, if lucky listen to a live pianist playing classical pieces. I was treated to some Bach (I believe).