Nigella Lawson’s Express Cookbook – Spreading the delicious word

Many recipes books claim to have you sitting down to a flavoursome meal in under 30 minutes but for us mere mortals we find that it’s impossible. Not this cookbook. You can have a delicious meal and ‘me time’ too. It also helps if you have a pantry that is over stocked as mine though. Of course it’s necessary to have every type of cooking chocolate and herb in this world piled up 3 high and about to topple out each time you open the door.

For dinner tonight I made boiled new potatoes with bacon, spring onion and a seeded mustard and white wine vinegar dressing. The second dish of choice was the chorizo and scallops sautéed in garlic infused olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice and topped with fresh parsley picked straight from my organic garden and served with fresh pana di casa bread rolls from the local bakery, green leaf salad with fresh lime juice, olive oil and maldon salt flakes dressing and for dessert home made ‘mousse’ with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream topped with hot home made chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce. Just what I and my family needed for a mid week pick me up! I felt like a domestic goddess in my full length waist apron (until I looked at the dishes.. then decided to leave them there and turn off the kitchen lights. Problem solved!).

I also made pea soup with home made pesto using oregano from my garden that has decided it wants to run rampant, perhaps now it’ll behave itself. It was perfect to pop in my mini thermos to sip through out the day.

Nigella, just utterly gorgeous.