I discovered Instagram. Yes, I knew about it but didn’t want to add another site to while away the hours but after seeing my millennial sibling on there I decided to acquiesce. I’m glad I did. So much inspiration for a creative person. Also, got to love a filter or 2 when you can’t manage to grab a picture in focus and/or under nice lighting conditions.

I will post the dozen or so bits of sewing I’ve done since my last posts.

Colourful Charm Square Bag for Spring/Summer

Has anyone noticed how neutral coloured our clothing and accessories have become. BORING. I get no pleasure from wearing grey. So with the arrival of spring I decided to spring clean (using up fabric counts right?) and create a colourful bag for myself.

I came across a free tutorial put up by the Mad Quilter at called the Charm Square Jewel Bag. Thanks Madquilter!

The only difference is that I think I sewed up the sides differently. My bag doesn’t quite sit the same as the one in the tutorial.