Seed beads, tiny morsels of delicious colour and endless possibilities

It’s been a few years since I last posted anything to this site. I know no one looks here, that’s cool. I enjoy looking back at my hand made accomplishments.
For the past year I’ve rediscovered beading. In particular, seed beads, weaving and embroidery. I discovered a whole new world of beaders dedicated to the beautiful hues of Japanese seed beads. Just google Sherri Serafini or Heidi Kummli. I usually follow a pattern bought online from or from a lark book. Love Lark publishers.

Cabs purchased from the Sydney Bead Show at Marrickville. Currently working on encasing them with Miyuki gold size 11 db-31′s.

Here is a taste of what I’ve made. It’s my design for both. The pendent was my first attempt at bead embroidery. Love it still.